16H, Frame, Fork and Wheel alignment

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Starting to rebuild an WD16H from scratch, it will be noticed that many parts do not fit very well. Even using NOS parts is no guarantee that they will fit as expected. This may have been caused by the manual manufacturing process, lack of tooling, inaccurate tooling and or tool wear over time.
Process inaccuracy can e.g. be seen by the different positions of the cross brace on the upper rear frame tubes necessitating different lengths of washers to properly fit the rear mudguard. 

Misalignment of parts may also be the result of a road accident or physical abuse during not very proper storage at a brokers yard or un-attentive collector.

After many searches, no complete information has surfaced about the dimensions and alignment of the Norton open loop/diamond frame and forks as used on the WD16H machines. Post war, the army did apparently not make the type of servicing books as for the Matchless G3(L) and BSA M20's for the Nortons, likely because they were mostly phased out relatively quick after the war while Matchless and BSA's were kept much longer.

I have made drawings with the basic dimensions to help checking the frames, forks and assembly of wheels. Wheel alignment as given in the M&I manual.  


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