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I will start it and see if there is a need/use for this page. This page will change inbetween normal issues, I do not intend to change the "change notices" for this.
(Note: I will add the e mail adresses not as a link unless it is asked/permitted to do so. This prevents them (hopefully) from being intercepted by spammers)

When sending a mail on this subject please say "trade"  in the "subject"of the mail to make my life slightly easier.

I am not personally in the trade business and I do not have parts for sale so there is no use asking me for parts.

 Wanted / offered


Last updated  July 2023

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Warning to all people:

I have been approached several times by scammers claiming to have the wanted parts. Apparently these scammers hope that you will send them money first after which I expect total silence. Be very, very careful and if you decide to go along with a stranger, I think Paypal would be the proper way to do the transactions. I understand that Paypal has the ability to trace these individuals that do not deliver. Do not use any other form of payment like money transfers through "Western Union". I have a number of clues to recognise these scammers which I am willing to share, but not on the internet.

It appears people are trying to sell "their" motorcycle through my trade page while not being the actual owner of what is offered.
To prevent further abuse, I will not add any complete bike unless people can show official paperwork of ownership to me.

To be clear to you all, I am not responsible for your actions. As soon as anybody thinks I am to blame, this trade page will be deleted forever.

Request to people, please let me know if the list is still valid for you.



spare parts lists wanted, copies or scans

Still wanted, following lists. 




Cat Ref No.

















Big 4








350cc OHV








346cc SV




Big 4








Big 4




16H Light




16H ??

S291 or S3103 ?





parts wanted
Ed McDonald
Norton WD Big 4 military frame & forks wanted, and any other associated parts you have available,
Timothy Walker
1935 Civilian wheel hub caps, see example
added 180618
Randolph Maunder
Rear hub and axle for 16H
Pair of cam shafts
Gearbox complete or Gearbox outer cover and gear change mechanism
See also parts offered section!
Robert Elliott
Petrol tank with right hand corner cut-off and sideways opening filler cap (standard tank also welcome)
Vokes Tank top Air Cleaner incl hose and elbow
Any other Australian Army Norton stuff

Chris Willis front wheel/hub and cylinder head studs
R.E. LEE Patterson Is looking for a crankshaft for a 1946 Big 4
Laurent Hiernaux
Has the following wish list, click to enlarge
Marco Lazari Lazari
Has an engine, needs the rest
Ben Cameron
One 1" handlebar clamp Rear end of rigid Norton frame

Dorian Micaleff

Rear sidecar springs (B4)
Front sidecar springs (B4)
Sidecar body (B4)
 Tubular 8" blackout
 Left pillion footrest bracket (B4) or dimensions
 Sidecar body handles (B4)
 Pillion handle (B4)
 Warning plate (B4)
 Dog clutch lever (B4)
Rico Neumann
Front wheel and civilian front fork shock absorber adjustment wheel
Martin Johansson

Cylinder head holding down stud nuts (9 pcs wanted)
Lucas Altette 6V Horn
Complete rear stand
Smiths chronometric speedometer 80 m.p.h
Speedometer bracket left hand mounting
Front fork rebound spring jaw point (1pc wanted) (this is the small part which are attached at the ends of the 2 smaller front forks springs)

Maciej Patrick Sosnowski

Parts for Norton WD16H wanted:
- Doherty: air- and magneto- Lever 7/8", clutch- brake- lever 7/8"
- Lucas tail lamp type L-WD-MCT1
- blackout cover for 6 Lucas DU42
- side stand, side stand clip
- panniers

Name/Email parts offered
Allan Hunter


july 2023


The small cans (half pint) have the brush inside attached to the lid $10
The one with the chain is $20
Leather covered quart sized can $80 - seems to have never been used. 'Montreal' embossed on the leather, 1942.

added 180618
Randolph Maunder
NOS military speedo in box  click to enlarge
Peter Holden
I have had some parts made for my own use, but it was necessary to order more than I need.I have for sale:- speedo drive gears 3880 and fork damper hand wheels ( civilian model ).

       Click to enlarge

Dave Plumb
For sale Norton 16h engine, ex WD, in good condition but stripped, appears complete except for the bottom end is just missing its bearings. The crankshaft feels to have no play, all the cams are still in place as are the pushrods, valve lifter, oil pump etc. the bore seems to be in good condition with no rust and the fins are good on the barrel. There are a couple of chipped fins on the cylinder head but the finning is still thick and pretty rust free. Comes with everything you see in the pictures. Price is 250 GBP, collection only or I will help to get it through to you through members of the WD motorcycle forum if you are in Europe.
           Click to enlarge
Thomas Waeltermann
Turkish design Big 4, asking price 5555 euro's

Frame number S4423, sidecar frame number S4591, 16H engine, BSA A7 front fork, 16H tank, German seats, homebuilt Turkish sidecar body

Click to enlarge

Thomas Waeltermann
Gearbox 450
Tank to bad 25
Headlampshell 6 original 30
Lots of small bits and bolts.
Speedo with Jaegerdrive 300
Girder fork parts

Norton Big 4 Industrial engine, little corrosion but all there, exhaust is missing. ask for picture and price,
       Click to enlarge


Complete or part complete bikes
Note, This is only a bulletin board, I am no party in any trade and do not accept any liability!

Toby Adams

Washington, USA
For sale is a 1929 Norton Big 4 633cc, a lovely machine; fitted new magneto, mains, fork bushes, wheel bearings, valves, piston and rebore, spokes, original registration and V5C, tyres, tubes, clock in tank, etc etc. Simon checked the numbers with the Works Records and it's the original frame to engine. Runs like the wind and starts easy.  15,000 USD



Any items offered for sale by visitors of this site imply no guarantees or implications of fitness, quality, suitability or any other matter on the part of the website owner in relation to these items.  The website owner shall not be part of any sale or other transaction.