Dutch Military Nortons

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Canadian Military Vehicle Demob Park Deelen Deelen Demob Norton Cannibalized 1946 (U) Deelen Demob loads of Nortons a.o. 1946 (U) Deelen Demob 16H with crash bar 1946 (U)  
Koninklijke Marechaussee
May 20th 1947 Military parade Hoorn (FK)      
Koninklijke Marechaussee
Koning Willem III Barracks, Apeldoorn


B.H. Veenstra 3 DMC St 3 MP III (FK) Motorcycle depot 46/47 (1) (FK) Cross Country instruction ca 46/47 (FK) Motorcycle Depot 1947 (2) (FK)
Motorcycle Depot, maintenance, 46-47 (6) (FK) Motorcycle Depot ca 47 (4) (FK) Motorcycle Depot, B.H. Veenstra maintenance ca 47/48 (FK) Motorcycle Depot ca 46/47 (3) (FK)
Koninklijke Marechaussee
Dutch East Indies
Arie van Veen, 1948 (FK) 18 Nortons, 1 Matchless 1947 (FK) Motorcycle instruction 1947 (FK) Arie van Veen, Nov. 1948 (FK)
Dutch East Indies 1947 Norton 16H Belawan Sumatra Indonesie KNIL Christmas 1947 (AHSdeV) C. Koorn monteur 3-5 RI Ned Indie 1946-1949    
Unit unknown
Harderwijk 1947
Harderwijk April 1947-1 Harderwijk April 1947-2    
Amersfoort Norton 16H Amersfoort (AHSdeV)      
Koninklijke Marechaussee
Koning Willem III Barracks, Apeldoorn
mid fifties
Norton 16H Toon Kuijper summer 1954 (1) (LK) Norton 16H Toon Kuijper (2) (LK) Norton 16H Toon Kuijper summer 1954 (3) (LK) Motorcycle instruction class 1955 (FK)

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