Military WD16H old

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Malta (DF) madge (IM) 16h with leg protection shields heemstede45.jpg (32925 bytes) Trails competition early (U)
Canadian 16H and HD (U) catalogus.jpg (46977 bytes) pigeon carriers (U) freddy16H.jpg (59189 bytes) Haarlem, canadian? Norton (U)
Dispatch Riders (U) inspectie.jpg (95115 bytes) artillerie.jpg (94465 bytes) Prewar WD16H with air filter (U) norton's in the factory (U)
Barrakka malta (NM) iceland (U) In the desert (U) Norton Iceland? 2 (U) Norton Iceland? (U)
Nijmegen Canadees 1 1945 (Noviomagus) norton canadees RCS Noorwegian  16H 1951 (KS) Military bike scrapyard Near Dunkirk june 1940 (U)
Nijmegen canadees 1945 (Noviomagus) Royal Navy 16H (U) Zahle-Lebanon 1941 C4389024 (U) MP escorts late war (U) Australian/NZ troops in Palestine (U)

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