Parts sketches for manufacture or reference

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During the years I have the WD16H, and while making this website and answering people on various items, I have made various sketches and PDF documents either to be able to manufacture them or to give guidance on how parts look for people not having them. Pictures are helpful but they miss dimensions.

I made these drawings on the parts I had at hand and using metric measuring devices. It should always be kept in mind that the original drawings will have given tolerances and as such each individual part has a place in the cloud of tolerance values resulting from the manufacturing process.
I am however fairly sure that with these dimensions you get a useable part.
The imperial conversions I added are always a rough guesstimate as metric values will basically not be in line with the imperial fractions.

   Click picture to enlarge or open the PDF link

Front Fork and Steering Damper Friction Discs

Front and rear axle distance bushes

Front Fork Steering Damper Anchor Bracket

Front Fork Steering Damper Bottom Plate


Front Fork Steering Damper Friction Plate


Main Gear Wheel Bearing Washer


Crankcase Shield
Use mm paper to dimension properly

Lower pannier rack brackets

Front Fork Check Spring Clevis Pin

Hub Shell Bearing Sleeve pn 9491 and Hub Bearing Oil Retaining Felt Washer steel cup pn 3741


PDF file with all dimensions of oil and petrol lines

PDF file for manufacture of Lycett saddle elastics and hooks.

PDF file for manufacture of Bowden control cables