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Norton Websites

Norton club Nederland Norton Museum Best Norton Motors Germany The "new" Norton
Norton Owners Club England English Norton links page   Australian  Norton Owners NSW   The Norvil Motorcycle Company
Norton Owners  France   Ketyl Svendsen Norway  Vintage Norton

Literature (catalogues, spareparts lists, Mags etc)

Rob van Meel reprints military literature including Norton Manuals  Het Motorrijwiel    

Military/Museum websites

 British 1st Airborne Division

Canadian military police museum  Marechausee nostalgie (Dutch) Museum Prinses Irene Brigade
 Signals collection '40-'45
Information about Allied radio, radar equipment
 Stichting Marechausee contact (Dutch)  The Tank Museum Bovington    Veteranen online, PIB info 

Other brand motorcycles

 Henk Joore BSA M20 site  BSA OC Nederland  Leon's BSA homepage Old iron links
Lex Schmidt Welbike site
includes Norton Big 4, DKW RT125, Matchless G3, RE Flying Flea and P&M motorcyle pictures.
Jork and Edwin's   WD Triumph Triumph 3TA website WD Matchless G3 and G3L
models, numbers, spares lists
Sheldon's EMU Loads of information on old motorcycles of all brands and sorts      


 Wreck of the Thistle Gorm website.      

Motorcycle rolling chasis, gearbox and engine parts

Alpha Bearings
New valves, guides, big ends, small ends
AMAL Carburetter Company
carburetter parts and throttle controls
Many parts old catalogue Bournemouth UK
BRAM Motoren Zoetermeer
Old fashioned motorcycle broker
British only Austria
Large European source for British bike parts, old and new
British only Motorcycles and parts,
large source for vintage Triumph, BSA & Norton parts!,
British Motorcycle Spares, De Groot Buchanans spoke and rim
Spokes, USA
Many parts for classic bikes, Germany
Draganfly Motorcycles
Ariel, BSA, AMAL and Burman parts, UK
Jake Robbins  (Elk Engineering),
British Motorcycle Girder Fork Specialist
 Feked, Classic bike parts
Valves and other things
Flexolite, solder nipples for copper lines François and Frederik van Genechten, Arendonk Belgium.
Frank Jordens, Belgium, parts for various brands of British motorcycles Johan Geertshuis, de Rips, Holland.
Jeff Alan Hunter
Great selection of rubber parts for all types of classic British Motorcycles
Old MC's and parts, not specific Norton, Zwartsluis, Nederland
JVD Wheels,
Norton butted spokes,
The Netherlands
G&S valves
Valves of all brands, newly produced
Kingpin Components
Girder fork spindles
McIntosh Racing Developments
Various newly made parts
GP Motos anciennes
brake shoe lining and friction materials
Parkwood products
Various useful products for restorations of British bikes, Norton mudguard stays, Lucas Acorn nuts etc.
 Peter's Classic Bike Parts
British bike parts, The Netherlands
Racing Norton UK
Various parts usable on military Nortons
RGM Motors
Mailorder business for Norton parts
Russell Motors, London
WM20 specialist but also had loads of NOS 16H parts
Thomas Waeltermann
All sorts of parts for the older
Vintage Replica
Czech company with lots of replica parts, often found on jumbles
Vintage steel fenders  
Australian manufacturer of mudguards
Works Norton
Most Racing parts but also various parts like clevis pins and dust covers.
Classic motorcycle spares
Big end bearings 16H and B4.


Beck Elektronika
Has electronic regulators and LED lights for many applications
Magneto ignition supplies
spares and manufacture
Ribblesdale Auto Electrics Units
 Magneto rewinding and repairs
Dynamo Regulators Ltd
Classic dynamo & Regulator conversions

LED "bulbs" directly applicable in the Lucas bulb holders
 Wikkeltechniek (Jan de Laat)
Dutch adress for reconditioning of a.o. Lucas magnetos
Magneto System Service
A.W.J. van Daal (Toon)
ST. Gerardus weg 11 5571 Bergeyk
The Netherlands, 0497-542167
Paul Goffs classic bike website
Lucas electrics
De Groot  BSA also many Lucas parts
Arnaud Leger  ""
Replica battery boxes, Lucas 1941, 1943, 1944, T type, NiFe C105, Exide, etc.
Lucas classic motorcycle
Many Lucas parts
Arris Kramer
Magneto and dynamo servicing and spare parts
The chain man
All chains you might need


Chronometric Instrument Service  British Motorcycle Instrument Specialists
Nottingham England
Smith Chronometric repairs Holland
Jos Beentjes, 0224 214989
Smiths instrumentation
Nisonger Instruments  NY USA
Tom Johnson
Jeager type speedo cables
Vintage British Cables
Speedometer cables for Smith Speedo's based in Canada


Transfers for various makes motorcycles and many more applications.
BA bolts
Nuts and bolts for Model Engineers
also taps and dies
Custom Fasteners Ltd
nuts bolts and more
JJ Cables Ltd.  no website, 
All types of control  cables including Smith speedo cables
Juno Design  Embroidery
Embroidery of military related logo's and trademarks to order
Old fashioned , textile covered control cables
Solder nuts and nipples for manufacture of oil and petrol pipes
Firm selling paint with, historical and multinational military colours
All sizes nuts and bolts
Oliehandel Metropa
 For straight SAE50 oil
 Woensdrechtstraat 29-33
 3045PZ  Rotterdam (near Airport)
Pelders transfers & classic parts
Transfers for very many motorcycle brands
Stainless Automotive  Fastenings,
specialised in all sorts of stainless nuts and bolts, BA, BSF, BSW, UNC, UNF, Metric coarse, Metric fine, Metric extra fine, and more 
Large selection of O-rings, useful for a.o. instrument panels etc.
The Vintage tool company
Your hardware store for hand tools, service tools, reproduction tool kits & literature.
 Aluminium, steel, copper, wood repair kits

Information websites

Old classic car,
Page giving advertisement possibilities including motorcycles
military vehicles, services and equipment