Dating Certificate Service

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I can make a dating certificate, in pdf format, for fun or to provide help for registration of a WD Norton motorcycle.

The information given in this certificate is derived from the Norton factory assembly books, Norton engine books, Chilwell records, Contract ledgers and literature as far as available and the cumulative result of extensive investigations since 1995.

Dates quoted prior to June 1940 are primarily based on the original Norton Motors Ltd. assembly and engine books.
Dates quoted after June 1940 are best estimates for war production based on original contract ledgers, Chilwell records (delivery due dates) and estimated weekly production capacity of Norton Motors Ltd.
Actual built dates between 1940 and 1945 are not known through missing assembly/engine books for this period. 

Dates are based on frame numbers unless indicated otherwise.

Legal limitations,
This certificate is not a legal document but may help in obtaining a vehicle registration when correct date and model information is required.
Use of this certificate for official registration application is the responsibility of the holder.

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