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Helpful individuals for making this site as it is (in alphabetical order) by giving me information on various subjects:

Abbot, Ed
Bullock, Alan
Chandler, Keith
Duchet, Anthony
Joore, Henk
Klijndijk, Fred
Klinke, Michael
Madden, Steve
McKevitt, Francis (Mac)
Meel, Rob van
Mike, Starmer
Miller, Rob
Niel, Bastiaan van
Orchard, Chris
Payne, Richard
Putten, Peter van der
Roydhouse, Peter

Sammut, Clive
Schmidt, Lex
Tinley, John
VanderVelde, Jan
Waeltermann, Thomas
Walker, Timothy
the Netherlands
the Netherlands
the Netherlands
the Netherlands
the Netherlands
the Netherlands
And the owners who have been so kind to come forward with their frame and engine numbers!!


Sources used for making this site

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Big 4 contracts; V3565, C6831, C7576, C11297
Peculiar Australian 1942 list for 1938, 1939 and 1940 bikes based on the 1938 civilian list.
Civilian Norton spare parts lists:
1937 (models 1, 16H, 18, 19, 20, ES2, 50, 55, CS1, 30, CJ, 40),
1938 and 1939 appendix ( models 1, 16H, 18, 19, 20, ES2, 50, 55, CS1, 30, CJ, 40),
1946 (models 1, 16H, 18) and
1947 (models 1, 16H, 18 & ES2)
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Norton 16H Riders/Drivers handbooks (earlier and) 100/NC.3A and Big 4 Drivers handbook 100/NC2
British Army (War Office) contemporary documents: 
- Army Book 412 and 412M, 406 and 405
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Known or expected copyright sources of pictures 

AB Alan Bullock, England
AK AM Klinke, Denmark
AHSdeV Arjan HS de Vries, NL
HJ Henk Joore, NL
CS Clive Sammut, Malta
DF Desree Falzon, Malta
FK Fred Klijndijk  webmaster  Marechausseenostalgie
GF Gaby Fraikin (B?)
IM Imperial War Museum, UK
JT John Tinley, UK
KP Knoppert Putten, NL
LK Leon Kuiper, NL
MK Maarten Koopman, NL
NM National War Museum Association on Malta
LSK Jubilee book 75 years Dutch Air force, See book references
P Personal collection, NL
RM Rob Miller
SMC Stichting Marechaussee Contact
Twenot Tweede Nedelandse organisatie van tank hobbyisten
U Unknown
MMC Military Motorcycles of World War 2