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I do not always know where to buy these, but the ISBN numbers could be helpful


The life of Mr Alan Johnson as Don R for the 3rd Air Formation Signals unit in the Middle East during WW2,
 first hand information of one of the organisers of the "Bar-None" club.

Edited and published 2019  by Simon Warner of the WD Matchless website (

ISBN 978-1-9160809-0-4

Limited edition, available through

Alan Johnson obituary, Daily Telegraph March 2020





The third edition of the "bible", amended with new Norton information (and other brands)
ISBN 075094451X / 978 0 7509 44519 (history press 2017)




A book by Clive Law, released in summer 2010. 

450 illustrations and 190 pages of information of mainly Nortons and Harley Davidsons as used by the Canadian military. price 59.95 Can Dollars.

A must have for all Norton military owners.

ISBN-EAN13 978-1-894581-57-8 (Service Publications, Ottawa, Canada)


Service Publications Ottawa Canada



A modellers view on colours. Well researched, wealth of information. Probably hard to beat.

You can order direct from Mike Starmer, 18 Hillside road, Piddington, Northants, NN 2DB, UK
For 10.00 plus 1.50 pound postage in the UK or 2.50 overseas

Published by the Author Mike Starmer.



A new edition of the "bible"
Includes new chapters covering VAOS system, standardisation and dealing with defects and a full colour section featuring restored motorcycles.

ISBN: 0-7509-4451-X  (Alan Sutton Publishing, Stroud, UK)


In my opinion, the most comprehensive book available on the subject, giving basic information on the different manufacturers of motorcycles, evaluated and used by the British armed forces.
It lists amongst others brands, types, census numbers, contract numbers, frame and engine numbers, quantities dates and prices as far as has been found until now (1995).

 ISBN 0-7509-0777-0 (Alan Sutton Publishing, Stroud, UK)



A most informative book written by DR Section fitter Jack Dienst, humorously as well as with fitting seriousness. Great reading  to learn how circumstances were and what was required to keep a motorcycle on the road. Especially for the originality freaks (or actually, the "proof" that anything goes). 

ISBN 0 9530206 0 6 (Brook Books, Ashford, UK)

The book was financed by his own means, and is now nearly finished. Adress available.



A book written by DR/out rider Ron Pope, giving some insight in the duties of an motorcycle outrider escorting General Dempsey.  

ISBN 0 9535660-0-5 (Ron Pope, Bournemouth, UK)




A new book (2006) with original pictures, not always correct on its captions, reasonable quality pictures, some known many unknown, nice addition on clothing.

ISBN 1-84415-408-4 / 978-1-84415-408-1   (Pen & Sword Books, Barnsley, UK)



A most interesting Video compilation of 3 official Army training films of 1942. Remarkable quality.
Apart from a single shot of a Velocette MDD (WD MAC), it is all Norton WD16H!!!!

Published by/available through, the Imperial War Museum, London, UK