16H sidecar (details) variations

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This page intends to categorize all variations found on military 16H sidecars. I do not pretend to have it complete, but it will cover most found variations. If anybody can add more (proven with photographs) I will be glad to hear. The sequence is arbitrarily taken from the left to the right. Parts which to my knowledge have not changed are not mentioned.

Variation one:
Sidecar for passenger, civilian style.

Variation two:
Sidecar for transport of goods with a so called "AA type" sidecar box.

(This later type apparently referred to the pre war (UK) Automobile Association sidecars which were used to carry tools and basic spare parts to keep members of the AA mobile in case of break downs. These boxes were also used by the Dutch "Wegen Wacht" after the war, but then mounted to BSA's or Harley Davidsons.)

First variation mentioned in each row is the oldest, variations in one column not necessarily same time frame between rows.

  Item Variation one  Variation two
Body Body
Civilian passenger sidecar

AA Box sidecar (postwar number plate)